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    "Out of nowhere ! Probably the best description for Tiborg."

    Will.i.am, 30 seconds To Mars, La Roux, Anggun, Céline Dion, Mika, Claudio Capeo or Amir are among the many renowned artists who have chosen Tiborg to contribute his talent as Composer, Executive Producer and Remixer for their tracks.

    Always experimenting new sounds and state-of the-art equipment, like an alchemist would, Tiborg sublimates and transcends the emotions and feelings conveyed by the artists through his musical arrangements.

    Tiborg’s compositions have marked the crowds such as ‘Roller’ played at the London Paralympic Games Opening Ceremony. Others can be heard in commercials for famous brands such as Toyota, Abercrombie, BMW and Tex.
    His track ‘Club Believer’ was featured on ABC’s ‘Nashville’ series watched by close to 5 million U.S. viewers.

    Today, time has come for him to move from the shadows into the spotlights with his own tracks:
    So far, ‘If U Wanna Be Loved’, ‘Ukamane’ and more recently ‘Miracle’ and their clips have been released and are the forerunners of the album ‘Out Of Nowhere’.

    Tiborg is also a talented performer, leaving a lasting impression at numerous private events all over Europe and the U.S.A. and at various festivals often alongside celebrities like Showtek, Tony Junior, Blinders or DJ Ralph.
    Mixing, playing the saxophone or the Talkbox, and singing on EDM, Electro and Cinematic sounds along with stunning visual effects and lights, Tiborg’s show is a real treat to the ears and eyes for a soul-soaring experience that will transport you…

    …beyond nowhere !

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